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Wavo is a sneakertech consignment service paying you for storing your sneakers inventory
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Send us your sneakers and we paid you a percentage of the market value to empower your sneakers business

Wavo Discord Bot

24/7 uptime bot will provided you with the best paid consignment spots to be booked

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Our sneaker trading datasets and algorithms execute your sales on every platforms and selling streams at best payouts

"Wow! Wavo is game changer. My sneakers business is now way more profitable. I really like it, it's so simple"
Steve Jobs
CEO, Apple

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Service access is extremely limited by nature. Joining one of the first squad will guarantee you lifetime financial and features bonus
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Convert your sneakers into cash

without selling them, yet

Why Customers Trust Us?

Sneaker Reseller and Collector
"Wavo has been instrumental to my growth as a reseller, funding my operations and help me to hold valuable pairs like Jordan 1 Mids and Jordans 4."
Crypto Signal Caller
"Just started to use Wavo as my main partner for my sneakers business and it's just flawless. No more drop-off closed and no more boxes in my living room"
Jupiter Script Staff
"The discord bot is so useful. You get an firm offer in 1 minutes for your products. So simple to get cash from Wavo"

No More Hassle

Stop handling drop-off deadline, packing and getting the best payout, we take care of you

Frequently Asked Questions

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